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    La Geek Qui Rit :: A Shed of a Site since 2005.

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    A child of the 1960's, The Geek feels like she's been around forever, but this is only her fifth decade. I'm doing my level best to squeeze as much as humanly possible out of every day, with a husband and two children as my trusty companions. I know I'm not splitting the Atom or climbing Everest, but I am learning finally to understand myself, whilst tying together Social Networks with string and generally trying not to act like Just Another Mother.

    Spreading myself across various spheres, I'm a voracious MMO gamer with a portfolio of Virtual Worlds visited (thought I need to conquer more) and I have an opinion about a great many things, only some of which I now choose to keep to myself. I'm slowly constructing my own gaming website, and have begun the process of writing about gaming for other people's online spaces. I've hidden my loves for too long, its high time I was honest about my passion...

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    There's a number of other places I hang out in too, if you're interested in finding me, it shouldn't be too difficult if you know the following:

    I use the 'handle' The Godmother or The Godmother UK (with and without spaces) or Alt Ernative in such places where using the G word might cause offense.

    See if you can track me down... :D

  • The Random Factoid Page

    I've written my first piece on World of Warcraft for The Sabotage Times. I hope it's the start of something larger...

    I've appeared in TWO BBC documentaries. One day I might get around to uploading them to You Tube...

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    The Godmother

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